In the heart of Tasmania’s North West Coast you will find the rich farmlands where Wild Clover Lamb was born. The rolling hectares of lush, green pasture offers excellent farming conditions for producing premier, cool climate lambs.

Our cool-climate lambs graze among rolling hectares of Tasmania’s rich pastures. This unique climate and extra care ensures a worldclass product.

Overlooking the Bass Strait, the North West of Tasmania is exposed to some of the world’s cleanest ocean air, plenty of sunshine and pure rain. It is this unique climate and reliable rainfall, along with a dedication to world-class quality meat that makes Wild Clover Lamb sublime.

A commitment to premium quality and unsurpassed consistency is what makes Wild Clover Lamb so special. Well-bred lambs raised in optimum conditions, a team of qualified staff and the unique opportunity we have to see a product develop from paddock to plate guarantee consistent customer satisfaction.

We believe that the extra care that is taken, from the selection of stock to the running of lambs on the land, is evident in every taste. All the lambs are raised naturally and are completely free of growth promotants.

These quality control measures result in a noticeably superior product, with the lamb finishing tender with a mouth-watering, delicate flavour, meaning every cut has large potential.

Rowan Clark Black


Rowan Clark is one of the producers of our great tasting Wild Clover Lamb. Farmed in the temperate climate of the Northern Midlands of Tasmania the well-bred lambs are grown on lush pastures, which provides a superior natural product.

Having a reputation for superior handling of lambs and ethic farming practice, Rowan has been managing lambs for over fifty years. Creating a perfect balance of genetics Rowan has helped bring Wild Clover lamb to where it is today. We believe that our quality lamb is a result of 70% diet and 30% genetics. Rowan applies optimal livestock techniques including minimal handling of our lambs and strict pasture management, both of which are critical to ensure the consistency in the finished product which Wild Clover lamb is renowned for.

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