Our dry aging process is produced in our dehumidified controlled cool room for a minimum of 45 days. Delicate and full flavoured for steak aficionados.

"The flavour of this product adds a new dimension and diversity to the list of cuts on the menu to deliver a new dining experience to my customers"

Craig Will, Executive Chef/Owner Black Cow Bistro and Stillwater River Cafe and Restaurant.

Our unique offering combines age-old tradition with advanced processes. Specialised dry aging in controlled environments allows for a product that is delicate and full flavoured. It is expertly aged in climate controlled environment for either 45 or 60 days to provide you with that distinct nutty flavour and buttery texture!

Craig Will, Executive Chef and owner of Black Cow Bistro - an award-winning steakhouse located in Launceston - has been a great supporter of the the AxM brand;

“The dry aged product that is being produced at Aged by Masters is second to none. There has not been a commercial dry aged product on the market until now. Using the premium cuts from Cape Grim, I have been able to ‘tailor make’ my product, to suit the conditions of my restaurant to ensure flavour and quality."

Complementing the Wilderness Beef range, our premium dry aged beef is perfectly crafted for the steak connoisseur.

Dry Aged Beef 2