The quail is full of flavour in a tiny package! A game bird that is commonly raised in captivity, this delicious meat is sought after by high quality chefs and restaurateurs throughout Australia.

"Rannoch Farm, producing high quality quail for almost 30 years"

Rannoch Farm has been in continuous operation since 1979 producing premium Tasmanian quail. Originating from the far South East of Tasmania, the quail farm started as a hobby and has grown to deliver a superior range of quality products. Winning acclaim from chefs across Australia, Rannoch Farm Quail aims to provide the best quality product available.

Bruce Wiggins Quail

"My best advice is 'never compromise'. Quality always pays off in the long run."

Bruce Wiggins


Starting out as a hobby farmer, Bruce’s modest beginning soon turned into a full-time operation.

With over 30 years’ experience in farming quail, he now provides premium products across Australia that have won acclaim from many chefs. The farm is located in Nubeena, Southern Tasmania, an ideal climate for growing conditions. Bruce is very persistent on environmental waste, with majority of it being composted into fertilizer for utilisation on the farm for pasture growth.

Baked Quail
Fried Quail And Fresh Herbs