For generations, our pigs have been bred across four boutique farms in the fertile fields of the Meander Valley. This high quality Tasmanian product, available direct from the farm gate to you.

Pasture fed in the fertile fields of the Meander Valley

Generations of farming tradition is what makes our pork so unique. Across four boutique farms in the rich fields of the Meander Valley, our pigs are bred with quality in mind.

We oversee each stage of the growth process to ensure the greatest quality is achieved every step of the way. As a boutique establishment, we take pride in our ability to manage the stock selection process to provide tender, full flavoured pork. Guaranteed.

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"We ensure the highest treatment of pigs in our care, so that when it comes to your plate, you know it has had a good life."


As second-generation owners and pork producers in Winkleigh in the Tamar Valley, Alan and Lynette Broomby have been farming pigs for over 50 years.

His love and passion for pigs shines through his methods, helping him produce a premium product every time. The pigs are raised in a combination of traditional housing indoors on sawdust and straw, being fed only the highest quality feed. Alan spends his time exploring new ways to continue improving the genetics of his sows and keeps his facility upgraded to meet today’s standards. As a reflection of his excellent farming practises, Alan’s farm has held accreditation from the Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program (APIQ) since 2008.

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